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Unemployment Compensation Benefits

Our Lawyer Can Help If Your Unemployment Benefits Are Denied Or Cut Off

Unemployment is a scary prospect for most people. If you were laid off because of downsizing or for a similar reason, you may be able to count on unemployment benefits to carry you through the job-hunting period.

In northeastern Pennsylvania, you can rely on Belt Law Firm, P.C., for help to obtain or preserve unemployment benefits. From our law offices in Kingston and Hazleton, we help people who have worked in Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, and other nearby communities.

Problems with your unemployment claim? Call us today in Kingston at 570-714-3343 or in Hazleton at 570-714-3343.

Do I Quality For Unemployment Benefits?

Unemployment benefits are generally reserved for workers who have lost their jobs against their will and without fault. If you quit for certain justifiable reasons, you may still qualify, but the burden of proof of eligibility is on you. Our experienced unemployment law attorney, Timothy D. Belt, can advocate for you to compose and present a compelling case for why you should qualify for unemployment benefits.

As an unemployed worker seeking benefits or challenging a claim denial or termination of benefits, you may need help documenting persuasive answers to questions, including:

  • Were you terminated for no fault of your own?
  • Did you quit your job?
  • Were you fired because of poor performance or because you violated rules on the job?

In the event that you are denied unemployment benefits, you can appeal within 15 days. The sooner you contact an attorney, the greater your chances will be of making a successful, timely appeal.

Note: Our law firm also helps employers facing unemployment benefit issues. Contact us if your company is experiencing related challenges.

Our Founding Attorney Personally Handles Your Case

To schedule a discussion with Timothy Belt about your unemployment matters, call our office in Kingston at 570-714-3343, in Hazleton at 570-714-3343 today or contact us online. Belt Law Firm, P.C., offers representation for unemployment benefits cases for a flat fee that includes the initial consultation, in-depth preparation of witnesses, hearing attendance, briefs when needed and follow-up correspondence, among other services involved in the unemployment compensation process. Each case is highly fact-specific and receives careful analysis and preparation.