Should You Settle Your Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Case?

Should You Settle Your CaseYou can get answers to your questions about workers' compensation in Pennsylvania by calling our law offices. The advantage of speaking to a lawyer is that he can customize legal counsel to your particular circumstances. From our law office in Kingston, The Belt Law Firm, P.C., answers questions for clients throughout northeastern Pennsylvania, in communities such as Scranton, Wilkes-Barre and Hazleton.

One common question that comes up in many cases is that of a settlement proposal by a workers' compensation carrier. Is it a good idea to settle when an offer is made? To answer this question, we often explore a more fundamental question: Are medical treatments still going on or has medical care concluded with regard to your injury? It may be tempting to accept a settlement that sounds large at the time. But doing so prematurely may leave you without enough money to pay for needed follow-up surgery or other treatments.

What if you do decide to accept a settlement offer? Please keep in mind that it is not designed to be a retirement plan! The smartest use of a settlement is often to go back to school. Get retraining so you will be ready to accept an offer for a job you can do in spite of lingering disabilities caused by the work injury.

Another common question is about returning to work. If your medical condition is under control, you may wonder if you can return to work and still qualify for benefits. The answer to such a question varies from one person to another. If job retraining is necessary, we will likely advise you to pursue that opportunity for best results.

Should You Settle Your Case After A Work Injury? Ask A Pennsylvania Attorney.

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