A Social Security Disability Law Firm In Kingston At Your Service

Social Security DisabilityIf you are no longer able to work full time as you once did, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability. As soon as your doctors and you agree that you will not likely be able to work for 12 months or longer, it is time to file an application. Even if your initial application for benefits is well-documented, do not be surprised by a denial.

Any medical condition can qualify you for SSD benefits. An injury (on or off the job), an illness, a chronic condition or a combination of impairments may make you unable to work eight hours a day, five days a week as you previously did.

A Prompt Application Is Important

Remember: SSD benefits are not welfare. If you have worked for a number of years and paid into the Social Security system, you are collecting your rightful due when you apply because of a disability. It is very similar to the concept of health insurance or private long-term disability insurance. The funds are managed by the government but SSD benefits are not a handout. In fact, most successful SSD cases require appeals.

The sooner you apply for SSD benefits, the greater total dollar amount your back-pay benefits will be once your case is approved. Do not postpone your quest for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits out of fear of dealing with the Social Security Administration. A lawyer on your side can cut through the red tape.

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